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Willem de Kooning’s Women: A Psychoanalytic Exploration
Author: Graeme J. Taylor
Published by International Psychoanalytic Books (ipbooks.net), New York, May 2022.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi
Illustrations xiv
Introduction 1
Chapter 1. Paintings on the Theme of the Woman 9
Chapter 2. Searching for Meanings in the "Woman Paintings": The Psychoanalytic Interpretations of Non-Clinician Scholars 47
Chapter 3. De Kooning’s Childhood and Adolescence: Traumas and Challenges 89
Chapter 4 The Interplay between Internal and External Worlds and the Compulsion to Repeat the Past 111
Chapter 5. The Canvas as Container 153
Chapter 6. De Kooning’s Relationships with Women and his Self-destructive Alcoholism 199
Epilogue 239
References 247
Full Citations for Photo Images 271
Index 275

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